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Understanding the Process


In making this print of the artistís niece, Close had to trust that master printer Yasu Shibata would translate the spirit of the 2000 Emma painting into a 120 color woodblock.  Traditionally in Japanese printmaking, one person chooses the color separations, draws on the blocks, and prints. A second person is responsible for all the carving.
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Reduction Block

Alex/Reduction Block has a remarkable story behind it that highlights the flexibility and ingenuity of Close and the cadre of printers involved.  Alex was originally planned as a huge reduction block print on custom made Japanese paper, to be made and printed at Tandem Press. But the crew ran into serious problems.
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Self-Portrait/Scribble/Etching Portfolio is the continuation of many of Close's longstanding artistic interests as well as a radical departure from his previous prints. What is familiar here, of course, is the artist's own face and its careful construction through a series of printed plates. What is unusual is that layers of colored scribbles replace the grid structure.  Close has always appreciated the grid for helping him break the face down into "incremental units."
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