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Related Projects and Activities
Incorporating into the classroom the process and collaboration exhibited by Chuck Close has been successful.  The following links direct you to various web sites that showcase student projects and outline the lesson plan and objectives of the utilization of Chuck Close's approach to facilitate the learning process.

Chuck Close Inspired Self Portraits

Large, mosaic-like oil pastel drawings.  Students learn about digital photography and how to use a grid method to enlarge the proportions of their faces.
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Grid-Method Portraiture

Students explore the grid-method of self portraiture using a combination of transfer techniques.
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Self Portraits and Realism

In this lesson, students look at examples of self portraits which reflect a concern for realism and then attempt to draw portraits of themselves in a realistic manner.
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Elementary Project about Color and Chuck Close

This project will introduce students to the works of Chuck Close and give them a spring board for experimentation with color and portraiture.
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Texture / Value Portraits

In this lesson, students create self portraits using the grid method, showing value in their portraits using texture value squares.
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Double Self Portrait

This assignment introduces students to an artist who overcame learning and physical disabilities and became a successful contemporary American artist. In addition, it exposes students to the use of a digital camera; challenges them to imitate the style of one artist; gives them a concrete understanding of the design element value; and shows a connection between the use of technology and art.
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